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We are extremely pleased to announce that Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), a premier body representing Indian industry, has recognised EcoSoch as a CII Certified Rooftop Solar Vendor since EcoSoch has met the requirements of Rooftop Solar Vendor Rating Framework which includes assessment of technical expertise, financial strength, and onsite performance of selected rooftop solar plants.

CII has noted that EcoSoch gives high importance to quality, safety and performance in its rooftop solar installations.

We wholeheartedly thank CII for this certification and are sure that this recognition will drive us towards higher levels of quality, safety, and performance standards in all our future projects.

We are thrilled to announce that EcoSoch has been honored with the Preferred Partner status by SolarEdge, a global leader in Module-level power electronics (MLPE) using Optimiser technology.

This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment and ongoing service towards SolarEdge’s cutting-edge solutions, including the SolarEdge Inverter and Power Optimizer Solutions. It reflects our dedication to delivering top-notch service and advancing the adoption of clean energy technologies.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Shashidhara B V, Head – SE India and the entire SolarEdge team for this esteemed acknowledgment. This partnership reinforces our mission to provide efficient service to SolarEdge’s valued clients.

Key Highlights

Specialists In Solar Rooftop Solutions

Solar Rooftop company in Bangalore for Residential (Homes, Apartments), Commercial, Industries , Institutions (Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, etc). We provide customized solutions (Engineering, Design & Installation) with the latest technology. Based on the site conditions it can be Solar On-Grid, Hybrid, Off-Grid or Water Pump system. Customized solutions are designed for different types of rooftop with different orientations too.

0+ Kilo Tons


On Grid Solar PV system works with no batteries for storage in it. Different types of inverter technologies can be used based on the situation of the site

On-Grid Solar PV System

On Grid Solar PV system works with no batteries for storage in it. Different types of inverter technologies can be used based on the situation of the site


Hybrid Solar PV System is a combination of Batteries and Grid. Solar prioritizes existing load first followed by charging batteries and then to the grid

Hybrid Solar PV System

Hybrid Solar PV System is a combination of Batteries and Grid. Solar prioritizes existing load first followed by charging batteries and then to the grid

Off Grid

Off Grid Solar PV System is purely OFF GRID system. In this system Solar charges the batteries and energy is distributed to loads from these batteries

Off Gird Solar PV System

Off Grid Solar PV System is purely OFF GRID system. In this system Solar charges the batteries and energy is distributed to loads from these batteries

Water Pump

Solar Water Pumps can be pure DC system or AC system. These can work completely without grid and with grid as well. These systems work without batteries in case of off grid too.

Solar Water Pump

Solar Water Pumps can be pure DC system or AC system. These can work completely without grid and with grid as well. These systems work without batteries in case of off grid too.

Our Valued Commercial Customers

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EcoSoch Solar being incubated from Sunlit Future, Auroville tries best to give an amazing service with no compromise in the quality and efficiency

Our Core Values

End to end Solar Roof-Top Solutions for roof tops with live remote monitoring facility. Operation and Maintenance of the Solar Power Plant under SolarCare by well experienced, efficient team

Words from Our Solar Roof-Top System Owners

They have installed 105 kw solar system in our apartment ARK Serene County. Completed the project on time with remarkable work.

Shailesh Joshi, Ark Serene County Apartments

Very delighted with the entire EcoSoch team. Professional service starting from site visit to after service. Appreciate your passion and dedication. Thank you so much.

Anjan Kumar

Eco Soch is a fantastic partner to work with. I strongly recommend that you go solar for the planet and you use Eco Soch for your own peace of mind

Renu Kakkar

I got a solar roof top project done by Ecosoch and I am so happy with the Ecosoch for the service and quality. The installation part also done by Ecosoch is excellent. They are very good in getting the permissions from BESCOM. The Ecosoch team is excellent in co ordinating and also giving replies immediately. I can say that they have the best team. All the best Ecosoch.

Shirdhi Reddy, Lakeshore Homes

Responsiveness of the team for the queries was very good. I liked their technical knowledge on a variety of solutions and the willingness to work through to the most appropriate solution in a given case ethically. Professionalism and integrity of the team installing is another good aspect in EcoSoch


“I had a great experience working with EcoSoch Solar team. Their personal interest taken during the project and post completion is commendable. I installed Solar water pumps for my house almost 3 years back and have no issues so far. I would confidently recommend their services”

Wg Cdr Navzer Kothawala (Retd)

Great execution from the first meeting. The webinar was very useful to understand the system and Mr Gopikrishna has been really good – shared some really good information regarding the solar system which helped a lot in my decision making. BESCOM work, Mounting Structure, Installation and commissioning were all co-ordinated really well and completed on time with great communication at each stage –> Very professional.

Prashant Bhat, Anant Nagar, Electronic City

EcoSoch is one of the best professionally managed organization. From the time I contacted them until it was commissioned their communication, status updates, and management of the whole project was very seamless and we did not have to get involved in anything, they managed from start to finish beautifully.

Kishore Balasubramanya

I’ve interacted with EcoSoch for the past 4 years. My initial experience with them was as a supplier of energy efficient ceiling fans. Their office/showroom is a most interesting place showcasing a number of Eco-friendly products and processes. It was there that I first saw models of practical systems for application of solar technology for home use.

When the idea of going ‘solar’ at my farm on the Bangalore outskirts occurred earlier this year, EcoSoch was the first place I went to for information.

Harsha Kuntur and his associates made multiple visits to the site and spent considerable time on email, whatapp and on the phone to discuss various systems and to educate me about the choices available so that I could make an informed decision. All this was done without any assurance that they would be awarded the project since I had told them from the very beginning that I was asking for competitive quotes from other vendors as well.

Once the work was awarded, they handled all aspects of the project, including interaction with BESCOM, until full commissioning. EcoSoch also worked within the parameters of my travel schedule and the project was started on time and finished ahead of schedule. Their workmen were professional and polite and did not intrude in any way. The process was as seamless and efficient as I have ever seen right up to the point where all the documents relating to the project were assembled in a folder and delivered to me backed up by a scanned digital copy by email.

I was particularly impressed by EcoSoch’s willingness to accommodate some changes that allowed me to cut costs.

The people at EcoSoch are passionate and professional about their work. I have no hesitation in recommending EcoSoch to anyone considering, not only a roof-top solar project, but for any other Eco-friendly solutions.

Gopalan Nair

I am very happy with EcoSoch team. I feel proud to own solar rooftop of 3KW which was made it possible by the support and guidance from team EcoSoch. From the day one, I asked for the details, the support and transparency with which they are doing even after the project completion is tremendous. Technical and financial they helped in making my dream of solar rooftop realty. Thanking one and all in the team EcoSoch.

Siddaraju BC

“With a smiling, patient leader and dedicated team, EcoSoch Solar team work together to complete the project as per commitment with total transparency. They did not bother us with anything nor we had to follow up with them. They were also helpful in getting the permits for net-metering done without any hassles. Great team, All the best”


It was a pleasant and productive experience working with professional and solar experts at EcoSoch. They provided full clarity and professional help at each and every step — from sizing to planning & design to deployment of the rooftop solar project at my home. Highly recommend EcoSoch!

Tarak Goradia

We contracted Ecosoch (ES) for a 15kw rooftop solar array for our apartment. Though we did approach 3 companies, it was clear to us from the beginning that ES knew their subject. The relative advantages and disadvantages of each system were clearly conveyed to us. They are more expensive; but in such projects to do penny pinching considering the life span of 25 years for these systems, would mean regret later.
Our apartment had to change the name of the meter initially from the Builder (Who had long since closed business) to the Association name. Though this was not part of their job, they did everything in their power to help us and pressurise Bescom to push our case successfully in record time.
Once this stage was over, the rest went like clockwork. At every stage they kept us briefed about the timeline and execution was absolutely hassle free. Their employees were knowledgeable and professional. They are all committed to the job. It shows in the simple things such as the quality of their tools, and even the labour they employ for transportation.
We have had a very good experience with ES and would recommend them to any other vendor. The cost difference when weighed across the life time of 25 years of the system is negligible. What matters is peace of mind during execution and service after installation.

Avinash Hegde, Sundale Apartments

EcoSoch has a good team to implement solar rooftop solutions.

Manu Konchady

I got 3.7 KW solar roof top project done by these knowledgeable guys and I bet they are one of the best in the field. What impressed me is not only their work while the project was in progress but also continuous support post the project and after I paid all of their entire bill. Good job team!! I am sure you will reach greater heights with such dedication.

Sneha Suralikal

People with complete technical knowledge, using the best quality products and taking care of every minute details to the work, and excellent support, what else can you expect.

Veerraju Uppaluri

I got my solar installation to my home from this EcoSoch Solar. They are very professional and have done a very good job. Even now they follow up with me if I am facing any issues. In fact, I have not faced any problems. I am very happy with EcoSoch Solar. I have recommended many friends

H T Umesh Kumar

It was brilliant to work with the entire Ecosoch team!!. Extremely professional and very committed. We installed a 2Kw system on our rooftop and I must say, the communication, planning and execution form the EcoSoch team was impeccable. Special thanks to Mr.Joseph who was very helpful and orchestrated the entire process flawlessly. I would highly recommend this team to anyone who plans on solar solution.

Mohan Subramanya

We as a community wanted to move towards renewable energy. When we started the journey, we didn’t know much of the options. Like a proper evaluation run in corporates, the core team invited many vendors to showcase their experiences. Ecosoch stood out compared to others. Their rich experience and knowledge was unparalleled. Their representatives were very patient with us and educated us leading us to selection of Ecosoch for our solar needs. From the word go, the entire process from inspection to installation to commissioning was a very smooth process. Their post installation help with BESCOM work was excellent as some of us had some complications with our BESCOM accounts. Overall, they are highly professionals right from planning, design, final handover, and their work is clean and neat.

I recommend them for rooftop solar installation. They are best experienced guys around in Bangalore.

Sudheer Padiyar

EcoSoch team is just awesome. Joseph is highly knowledgable and gave all the details and pros n cons of all options which helped us as a community make decision. His team members Bhaskar, Kiran were helpful and meticulous in their execution. I strongly recommend them for solar roof top projects. Our family is now proud owners of renewable energy with solar panels and just in time for summer 😅. Great way for kids to get awareness and responsible citizens.

Shesh Vasudevamurthy

“The service and quality of installation done by EcoSoch Solar team was excellent. I have installed Solar PV Systems for my home and business, and I’m very satisfied with the economic benefits and the after sales support that I have received so far. Also, I love the fact that I’m able to monitor the performance online!”

Rishi, Mango Mist Resort

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