BESCOM services disrupted –

During the period of March 10 to 19, Bescom’s online services will experience a temporary disruption lasting 10 days due to scheduled software upgrades. This will affect services including the Rooftop Solar application portal, electricity bill payments, new connections, name changes, and tariff adjustments. Despite this, Bescom assures consumers that there will be no interruption to power supply during this time.

“During this period, electricity bills will be issued to consumers, but will be updated in the system only after March 20th. After the applications are made live, the stabilization of the applications may take at least 15days” the department said in the release.

What does this mean to us?

The downside is that Solar Rooftop application portal will be down during the period of 10 days.

The upside is that you can consider this as a grace period after which you can go for a Solar Rooftop for your house if you already haven’t.

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