It’s a common misconception that the solar panels generate more energy with higher temperatures and less energy with lower temperatures. So the assumption is that we have more power generated in places like Chennai than in Bangalore or for that matter in Himachal Pradesh. But in reality,   solar cells, like in all semiconductors  are sensitive to Temperature. The most effected parameter with the temperature is the Voc ( open-circuit voltage of the panel. With increase in temperature, Voc of a panel decreases, while there is a slight increase in Isc (short circuit current)
IV-Curve-Temperature             Above is the I-V curve you for a Solar panel. As you see the Voltage of panel decreases with the increase in temperature. As a result the power output will be reduced . There will be 0.25%(amorphous cells) and 0.5%(most crystalline cells) for each degree C of temperature rise. Panel temperatures in the summer in warm climates can easily reach 45oC resulting in a 10% reduction in output compared to the rated output at 25oC. This reduction in efficiency may be important to you if you have a high electricity demand in the summer. So where do you think will have more generation? Bangalore or Chennai?

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