We are in a situation where our day to day consumptions of energy is increasing exponentially. Due to which resources like coal will drain much faster than expected. Every appliance will have a lifeline based on the consumptions. Eliminating the unwanted usage will increase the lifetime of the appliance, this will not only save energy but also decrease the e-waste.

Let’s pledge to decrease the consumption of energy.

Conserve First, let Sun do the rest.  On this note, Ministry of Railways, Government of India came up with a decision to make all the Railway Stations 100% LED lit by April 2018. This is a great move by them in terms of energy conservation. This move by Indian Railways will reduce 240 million units of energy annually.

Few tips in order to conserve energy are as follows.

  • If AC’s are used, it’s important to keep the AC switch down below. Normally the tendency is to use keep the AC switch also at the top.
  • It will be nice to have names on the switches. Ex: Fans, Lights, TV, etc. This will help us only turn on those switches that are needed.
  • Keep the switch and the Load close to each other.
  • For AC’s, you can choose the energy efficient inverter based 5 star rated AC’s. These models are available in Diaken, Samsung, Mithshibushi. They take 50 to 60%  less energy. They are usually 10k more.
  • For Refrigerators, you can go for inverter based 5 star rated Refrigerators.
  • For Washing machines. you can go for inverter 5 star rated Washing machines. LG     makes some really good ones. You don’t need to go for warm water as there is now cold water based detergent powders. That will save a lot of power.
  • For fans, you can consider either of the two energy efficient fans: superfan.in or http://atomberg.com/ . These fans use only 35W at the maximum speed. Whereas, the regular conventional fas use up to 75W at the maximum speed.
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