Solar rooftop and compost at home workshop

Generating electricity for household needs is a welcome concept and an answer for today’s
electricity shortages from the state grids. We are coming across stories of installing solar on
the household roofs. One may be curious how at all these solar panels are installed and how
to get electric power for our homes, the cost-effectiveness of such installation reducing the
electricity bill to a great extent etc., To answer these questions, Ecosoch Solar Pvt Ltd.,
Sahakara Nagar, Bangaluru conducted a one-day audiovisual, hands-on workshop on Solar
rooftop and compost at home on 16th September at their premises.
Ecosoch Solar Pvt Ltd. is a company incubated at Auroville and started with a vision to
creating awareness on sustainable energy like solar panel installing on home rooftops, solar
pumps actually engaging in installations. So far 3.5 MW of solar rooftop installations have
been done along with Sunlit future, Auroville
Starting with the story of electricity, it touched upon topics what actually is electricity, the
present day energy requirements, how our electricity bill is generated by the total power
consumption over a period of time. Much needed explanations came on what is solar panel
how it works, the parts of solar panels, the best way of installing them to generate more
power taking into account shading in the day, the types of inverters used which convert
alternating current into alternating current, how it it is connected to the household and the
grid. The discussion progressed to on-site assessments to effectively design the solar systems,
the cost of installation, the quality, safety and maintenance of solar systems. Bengaluru
Electricity Supply Company Limited(BESCOM) policy on the solar rooftop was also
explained. The natural questions like whether we get a loan, subsidy etc., were
comprehensively answered during the course of the workshop. How electricity bill gets
reduced to a great extent due to the solar installation was explained by lucid illustrations.
Suitable pictures and drawings were shown on the projector screen enlightening the
participants. The participants were also free to put forth their viewpoints and share their
knowledge on the subject.
The participants were taken to the rooftop of the Ecosoch Solar Pvt Ltd., premises and
shown the four solar panels installed, how it is connected to the building’s power supply in
conjunction with the state grid as Hybrid system were demonstrated. Incidentally, Ecosoch is
the first company in India to install a hybrid system and the first one in Karnataka to install
rooftop on grid system with DG integration
Right after the solar rooftop session, the workshop progressed to generating compost from the
daily household waste. As pit composting is not suitable to use in city buildings, terracotta
pots stacked in three layers are used. A remix powder consisting of coconut peat and
microbes are added to the waste in the pot to get the compost. This is one of the concepts by Daily Dump like
solar rooftops for a clean environment

Harsha Kuntur, Santosh CK, Gopi Krishna of Ecosoch Solar Pvt. Ltd., made the presentations
alternating on the topics covered. Pramod Satish coordinated the workshop. Overall a highly
useful workshop for addressing the power shortage, reducing the electricity bill and keeping
the environment clean

EcoSochTeam: Thank you Mr. Mohan Sajeevan for your write-up about our free workshop on Solar Rooftop & Composting at home. Thank you for your comments as well.

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