(Oh the beautiful Sunlit Morning) Wash me with the springing Light-Rays of yours, and remove the dust which has covered my true self, O the beautiful Sunlit Morning, Wash me with the beautiful Light-Rays of yours,

The one within me who is still entangled within the net of sleep, you gently touch his forehead with your golden wand and wake him up.

Today wash me with these rays of Joy coming from the vast Universe, so as to wash away all narrowness and darkness from every corner of my mind.

Within the veena (a stringed musical instrument) of my Heart is sleeping the song of Immortality, which has neither words, nor rhythm or notes; Touch that innermost chord with this awakening of Joy in this morning.


Reference: http://greenmesg.org/nature/poems/rabindranath/aloker_ai_jharnadharaye.php
Image: Taken on our trip to Orissa for a solar water pump project in 2013.
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