Eco comes from the Greek word oikos meaning “house, dwelling place, habitation”. The German zoologist Ernst Haeckel coined the word Okologie. Logia refers to “study of”. In 1873, Haeckel used this word to refer to branch of science dealing with the relationship of living things to their environments. (Source: Online Etymology Dictionary) Harsha replaced “logy” referring to study with “Soch”. “Soch” is a hindi word that means thought. It is derived from the sanskrit verb root s’uc which includes thinking, worrying and grieving. He started this place so that people would start thinking about this earth, our dwelling place, and worry about it. He would like people to use energy efficient devices, grow plants, compost waste and use solar power for their electrical needs. EcoSoch has a team of people that major in Solar Powered Systems and Devices as well as Energy Efficient Appliances. They minor in gardening, recycling, composting, spreading awareness and what have you. The EcoSoch team also likes teaming up with other like-minded organisations and people.

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