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Jigesh & Suvitha, Rammurthy Nagar, Bangalore

Suvitha & Jigesh, an environment enthusiast couple, decided to install a 1.6 kWp On-Grid Solar Rooftop System at their new house in Rammurthy Nagar, Bangalore.

They knew that they had limited space on their roof-top and they got in touch with during the construction stages itself. Upon understanding the site conditions, EcoSoch team suggested that we connect with their architects. EcoSoch Team got in touch with their architect and mutually decided that the total number of panels that could be installed was 5 panels-2 panels on the second floor roof-top and 3 panels on the third floor roof-top.

In the second floor roof-top panels had to be installed taking support from the parapet walls.

2 Panels Installation

Support from Parapet Wall

The third floor roof-top was flat and we had an area of  9ft X 6ft available where we could install 3 panels

Installation on Third Floor Roof-Top

Although our client wanted to install more panels on the second floor roof-top to maximise the system size, we suggested to stick to the 5 panel solution due to the heavy shadow issues on the other parts of second floor roof-top.

Installation of Panels on both the levels of roof-top were done by using Aluminium Structures with Pre-Fab Concrete Ballasts. The Pre-Fab Concrete Ballasts ensured that the roof did not need any drilling. This also ensured that our client need not have to worry about any water seepage issues arising out of grouting\drilling on to the roof-top.

Considering the distributed architecture of the roof-top and also due to the differing angles of installation on both the levels of the floor, we decided to install Micro-Inverters from Enphase ensuring that the generation of each panel remains independent of each other and also for the client to get a transparent view of the energy generation from the Remote Monitoring Application Enphase provides.

Remote Monitoring UI

Finally, we were about to provide our client with a well engineered and designed system. Our client was happy that we were able to squeeze in a solar roof-top system at his limited roof-top. The installation helped our client to reduce his carbon footprint also.

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February, 2018


1.6 kWp




On-Grid System with Micro Inverters

Excellent!!! provided thorough professional service right from start to commissioning. Very impressed with the professional attitude of each person involved

Suvitha & Jigesh

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