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Rajarajeshwari Nagar (RR Nagar), Bangalore

This installation is located at the heart of RR Nagar, Bangalore. To reduce the electricity bills and also to reduce his carbon footprint, our client installed a 2.8 kWp Solar Roof-Top On-Grid System helping him to make his electricity bills zero. The system is designed to generate on an average 11 units per day.

The system is installed with 8 numbers of Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels from Waaree and 8 numbers of Micro-Inverters from Enphase. Since the roof had shadow issues from the water tank on the south-west side, the panels were installed on an elevated structure to negate the effect of shadows. The elevated structure was designed to serve the dual purpose of having a space for roof-top garden below the solar panels and also to reduce the heating up of the bedroom below during summers. An elevated MS Structure with Saw-Tooth design with walk-ways in between is designed and implemented at the site.

3-D Design of Solar Roof-Top Structure

Designing the System

The main requirements of the customer while designing the system were:

  • Scalable System
  • Neat Elevated structure with proper walk-way access for cleaning of panels
  • Good Remote Monitoring UI with per panel generation
  • System should generate ~10-11 units per day with excess power sent back to the grid in the morning half under net-metering.

Solar Panels: With the intention of generating 10-11 units per day, 8 numbers of 350Wp MonoCystalline Panels were chosen for this installation. The panels are manufactured by Indian Solar Panel Manufacturer Waaree . From our experience, a 1kWp Solar Power Plant in Bangalore generates on an average 4 units per day on an yearly basis- Considering this thumb rule a 2.8kWp System was deemed fit for generating 10-11 units per day.

Solar Inverter: With the intention of scaling up the system at a later stage and also to provide maximum transparency to the system for our client, we suggested Micro-Inverters from Enphase . Micro-Inverters provide an added advantage of better performance with shadows, scalability to the system and also an excellent Remote Monitoring UI which helps the customer as well as EcoSoch Team to keep a track of the generation on a daily basis. Enphase Micro-Inverters makes it easy for our client to maintain his system- our client schedules his cleaning of solar panels based on the generation output he views in his remote monitoring mobile application everyday.

Daily Generation

Since the Micro-Inverters are installed with each panel, we did not have to worry about finding a space for placement of inverter nor about the DC Cable routing. Micro-Inverters converts the DC of Solar Panel to AC at each panel level.

Mounting Structures: The panels has a warranty of 25 years and the Enphase Micro-Inverters has a warranty of 10 years with a design life of 25 years. In order to ensure that the system lasts for 25 years, special care is put into the installation of solar panels on the Elevated MS structure. Aluminum Structure which is practically rust resistant are used for solar panel installation. The Solar Panels are fastened to the Aluminium C-Channels using SS Bolts and Nuts. SS Bolts and Nuts do not rust and ensure the longevity of the system.

At the end, our client was happy that the got a system catering to his initial requirements and also a system which is well engineered to last for more than 25 years.

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A good read on how one of our young engineers explaining his experience of installing an On-Grid System:

Sreelatha & Dinesh inhabitants of Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore – We are the proud owners of Solar Rooftop PV system of 2.8 kwp and experience the benefits since December 2018.
The thought process began more than 2 years ago for the need to install a Rooftop Solar System. How do we harvest the natural resources? We had installed the Rooftop Water Solar Heating System in the year 2003 and had experienced the benefits of Solar powered hot water; except for a few days in the year, steaming hot water would always flow from our taps.
The exercise of identification of a vendor began in June 2016. We contacted a few vendors. Couple of site visits were made. Quotes obtained. Costs looked high. Detailing missing. Interest lacked between both the parties (Vendors and Us). The idea went on to the cold storage.
The idea of owning the Solar Rooftop did not die. It was retrieved from the cold storage with fresh vigour in September 2017. The same process followed. This time we decided to look out for new companies who were into this business. We identified two such vendors. One of them is Eco Soch.
I was surfing the net and this name Eco Soch popped up. I remember one Saturday visiting their Office to find out if they are real 😊. I travel to their Bangalore Office at Sahakarnagar and get a full understanding of what the company does, their various installations, the different types – on grid, off grid.
During the last week of October, we obtain the quotes from both the companies and see their respective installations and finally the decision made that we would go with Eco Soch. It was at this point of time, we engage with two wonderful people Mr. Gopikrishna and Mr. Samant. Being conservative, we get a quote for 1.4 kwp. We then request the team to visit the site and offer us their recommendations. Mr. Gopikrishna visits the site and offers us the benefits of the space and the recommendations to go for a 3 kwp system.
I was on a medical leave and decided to utilise this opportunity to get the system installed in the last week of December 2018. We had put pressure on the team to have this installed in less than 15 days. The site conditions also not perfect. There had to be a shifting of the solar water heater to give way for this structure. We had given the entire responsibility to the team as it is difficult to find service providers for small activities.
Appreciate the entire process of Eco-Soch in-terms of their designing and giving the minute details of the project well before commencement. Based on the inputs, we could visualize how the end product would look as the drawings looked so real. The pace was set. It began with their recommended fabricator who did a fabulous job in fabricating the structure in 2 days time. The other activities soon followed. The precision with which each activity has been done needs special mention. The execution of the project and the dedication put in by Samant & team needs to be acknowledged. Never felt that we were doing a project @ Home with no inconveniences. The big bit of liaising with Government Officials is troublesome but this activity too has been well orchestrated. The installation of bi-directional meter and explaining us about this was one Sunday session for our understanding.
Thank You Eco Soch. You have a great team with dedication, the quality of work reflects at Site. For people like us who are busy and have no time to get into details you are a boon to us. Continue your good work and enrich this planet by adding more people like us into this community of Solar Harvesting. Post installation lot of people in my area are interested and we continue to spread word and market your product. Best Wishes to a great team at Eco Soch. 😊

Sreelatha & Dinesh

Project Details


March, 2018


2.8 kWp




On-Grid System with Micro Inverters

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