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Battarahalli, Bangalore

Austin Gerard, a resident of Battarahalli, envisioned an elevated structure for his solar on-grid system, set atop his corrugated sheet roof.

This project features a solar installation on the roof with a dedicated space for a walkway. At its core, the solar installation boasts a 4.56kWp capacity, harnessing the power of cutting-edge Adani TOPCon 570Wp panels and a high-performance Enphase IQ8P micro-inverter.

Through the adoption of this solar installation, Mr. Gerard anticipates numerous benefits. With an expected annual electricity generation of 6570 units, significant savings on energy bills and a positive environmental impact are on the horizon. Supported by EcoSoch’s commitment to utilizing premium components, the system assures longevity and reliability, promising a bright future.

Moreover, the installation incorporates an Enphase monitoring system, granting Mr. Gerard real-time insights into the system’s performance. This vital feature empowers him to consistently maintain optimal operational status, maximizing the solar plant’s potential.

In conclusion, EcoSoch’s meticulous craftsmanship and customer-centric approach have not only met but surpassed Mr. Gerard’s vision for his solar On-Grid system. Through the integration of innovative technology, spatial optimization, and dependable performance, EcoSoch has enabled Mr. Gerard to effectively harness solar energy, thereby contributing to a sustainable and greener future.

Project Details


May 2024


4.56 kWp




On-Grid System Using Micro-Inverters