Solar Monitoring

Solar Rooftop system is designed and installed to be there on the rooftop working for 25 years. System working long will be needing some attention. But, it is difficult to check the system generation every single day manually. Sometimes it is not even possible to check and tell whether the system is working fine if any panel went wrong due to any internal issues.

Working of a Solar Monitoring

Monitoring of the Solar Rooftop system allows tracking the generation of the system time to time. This records the system generation data in repeated intervals and stores in the data base. Monitoring data can be checked for the life time generation and customized intervals like yearly, monthly, weekly, hourly etc. System status can be viewed from anywhere using an app or login into the monitoring website. This regular monitoring ensures a close eye watch on the system ensuring its proper working


Monitoring Types

Solar Remote monitoring working varies based on the type of system installed. Depending on the inverter it could be a panel level monitoring or inverter level monitoring or string level monitoring. Each of them will give live generation data, system updates, etc. Having solar remote monitoring gives an update on whether the system is under producing or over producing, alerts to see if any attention is needed to the system.

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