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The development of a rooftop solar project is a long and complex process, requiring extensive expertise and experience. EcoSoch offers more than 8MW of solar rooftop development experience which includes a pipeline of solar projects that deliver superior levels of safety, reliability and performance. At EcoSoch, our diverse team will ensure that our clients are well equipped to anticipate and mitigate risks involved in the implementation of a solar project. EcoSoch Solar provides fully integrated solutions to bring a rooftop solar project from conception to construction which involves 7 key steps discussed below.


When discussing the rooftop solar project process, there are 7 key steps to be aware of:

Identify Optimal Site:

The foundation of the successful development of a rooftop solar power project is identifying a site suitable for hosting a project. Key characteristics of a feasible site include:

  • No shaded area
  • No access restrictions
  • Easy access to the roof for unloading the panels and other materials
  • Storage area and adequate security for the materials
  • Safety of installation personnel
  • Routing of cables till the interconnection point


Besides the conventional mode of financing through banks, EcoSoch along with its partners can offer the following financial models:

  • For our Commercial and Industrial customers, collateral free finance from EFL is available for up to 70% of project cost. The combination of known EMIs and lower utility bills typically leads to an immediate reduction in electricity costs and provides increased savings over time.
  • For our residential customers, we can consult you on Home loan for new homes and Home improvement loan for existing homes. You can enjoy tax benefits on these loans as well.

We assist our clients to arrive at the right revenue model for the solar project based on evaluation of applicable incentives, risk and return associated with each model. We know how to accurately forecast energy output, secure favorable terms and streamline the negotiation process to help you minimize your financial commitment while maximizing the return on your solar investment.


From the entire range of solar technologies available, it is very important to select appropriate technology determined by the solar resource availability, type of application and space available for installations etc. Selection of appropriate technology is very important not only from the point of view of proper functioning but also from the point of view of maximizing economic benefits. Technology selection primarily involves the panels (c-Si or Thin film) and inverters (string, optimisers, micro-inverters) but these days the scope has increased to also involve the type of building (BIPV, Greenhouse, Non-penetrating, etc.). EcoSoch solar has extensive expertise in executing projects using the mature technologies and our engineers are constantly trained on the latest emerging technologies to face the upcoming challenges head-on.


Interconnection Design and Application:

A major step in the solar project development process involves managing interconnection to the electric grid. Proper interconnection with the electric grid is crucial to a successful solar project. Our experienced team of engineers assesses interconnection at the target location (HT Meter Cubicle, LT Panel) and apprises the customer about the modifications required for integrating solar. Interconnection is one of the most critical, difficult and costly aspects of project development and as solar rooftop continues to expand, changes in policy would be introduced and EcoSoch would be prepared to accommodate those changes.

State Permits and Approvals:

One of the most challenging aspects of the rooftop solar development process is achieving all required state approvals. EcoSoch prides itself on quality solar project development which requires working closely with local DISCOM to ensure that the rules are followed. More and more, the success of a rooftop solar project hinges on the ability to navigate the local permitting process which requires a strong relationship with local government officials, as well as with CEIG.

Project Execution:

From site survey to final deliverable of the completed, operational plant, a solar project developer must deploy a stellar construction management crew to assemble and direct skilled tradespeople for efficient and expedited plant construction. EcoSoch can handhold our client right from creation of a formidable project team to the commissioning of the project. We will establish a transparent model and define checks & measures at different stages of the project to ensure the quality of output as well as mitigate any risks associated with Project Execution.

Ongoing Operation & Maintenance:

Once a rooftop solar project is placed in service, it requires minimal intervention in terms of O&M to continue efficiently producing clean, renewable energy. In most cases, EcoSoch itself is the O&M provider and is engaged to monitor, perform ongoing maintenance, troubleshoot and correct problems. Compared to other generation sources, the total cost and time invested in operations are very low, making solar one of the most efficient energy generation resources available.

When it’s time to realize your dream of green business operations with clean energy, partner with the leader in rooftop solar project development. Contact EcoSoch™.

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