EcoSoch’s training program will enable a strong, diverse, and well-trained solar workforce, which will lower hiring costs for employers. By ensuring the solar workforce has access to up-to-date and credible information they need to do their jobs, consumers will have assurance of solar installation durability and production. Having an efficient, well-trained workforce familiar with solar will improve inspection compliance, reduce liability and insurance costs, and increase consumer confidence. The aim is to establish a conducive but robust training framework to not only train rooftop solar photovoltaic technicians, but also open doors towards successful entrepreneurship.

As part of its workshops, EcoSoch has trained and imparted knowledge free of cost to over 1000 participants in Bangalore who were very appreciative of our initiative. These workshops have also been conducted in villa communities and offices to educate citizens of Bangalore about the benefits of adopting solar. The next phase would involve engaging with school and engineering colleges to expedite the growth of the Solar PV sector. We have designed the training program to nurture the required competence in students to bridge the skill gap and drive the growth of the Solar Industry. A team of experts designs the programs after analysing the skill set required and based on student’s understanding of the industry. The programs are designed by experts and have the right mix of presentation, videos, remote demos, design exercises, notes and Q&A sessions to keep the sessions interesting to the students.

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