July 2016

Lead Acid Batteries vs Lithium Ion Batteries

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Why is energy storage necessary? It’s often suggested to install energy storage systems when we go for off grid type where there is no other source of energy supply other than renewable type to ensure uninterrupted power to the loads. Often its very useful to have energy storage systems powered by renewable sources because they [...]

August 2014

Rechargeable Batteries: Overcharging, Deep Discharging

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If you go to their online store, you can see the Ah or Storage Capacity of a range of Exide Lead Acid Inverter batteries. With a terminal voltage of 12V,  you get Ah ratings of 180.00, 165.00, 150.00,  130.00, 100.00,  88.00, 80.00 and  65.00. To know which battery to pick, you must know your load current [...]

Nice to know: Rechargeable batteries

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Any standalone off-grid solar system needs a Rechargeable Battery. Nearly everyone I can think of, is used to the idea of emergency lights and cell phones. In fact, battery life and charging time are two points of great interest in cell phones. Whether the source of power is the electricity grid or sunlight, we use [...]