Energy from the sun is our Solar Capital. Energy we take from the earth (Oil, coal, wind, water etc…) we call the Earth Capital. If we wish to sustain the earth capital, we could try and use more of the solar Capital. The crisis of unsustainability refers to the problems caused by depletion of earth capital.

  1. Global Warming
  2. Acid Rain
  3. Depletion of Ozone Layer
  4. Pollution of Air, Water and Soil
  5. Depletion of non-renewable minerals like oil
  6. Depletion and Contamination of Groundwater
  7. Deforestation
  8. Soil Erosion
  9. Desert-ification
  10. Depletion of Bio-Diversity

Most people do not believe that there is a crisis of unsustainability. They believe in a planetary management world-view. They think we will find substitutes for energy in the earth capital or mine the moon etc. This comes from an industrial-consumer mindset. They are not afraid of the side-effects of nuclear energy. More and more people are realising that our present economics and politics are leading to a depletion of the earth capital. They prefer a life-centred approach and not a progress-centred approach. They have a sustainable earth world view. This comes from an biology-ecology mindset. References: 

  1. Living in the Environment. (8th Edition) G Tyler Miller Jr.


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