With Ranga and myself already on site, waiting for team to come for next interesting project. In-fact it will one of the most challenging projects in our list. We are prepared to stay in an half built house, between the dense forest surrounded by the gigantic Banasura hill and other small hills covered by greens everywhere. Sound of Water and dense green everywhere. Team came to Pulinjaal with all the materials and tools needed by 5:00AM. We started from there at around 9:30 after buying necessary things for our survival for next 3 days .

With all energy we got into a load auto with an open top,which carries load. We wanted to enjoy the nature while travelling. Fun it was. Finally, we reached to the site. 5kW Hybrid System. To be done in two days, and finish a Solar water pump in another day in different place in 20km from here.

DSCN1839Rain.. Rain.. Rain everywhere. But the team there is from EcoSoch. It ll not matter to them. Dedication.. Determination.. What not anything that could inspire others can be seen with them.

They dont have dreams Just goals

On Day 1 the challenges are, no power supply. So AC drilling machine, cutting machine will not work. Now what?

Team sensed it earlier and put the DC machines and could manage fixing panels on day one. No lunch. They continued till evening and went to nearest water stream to freshen up.

We are hungry but we managed to feed some other beings food. Yep, leeches.. DSCN1884They were well fed with our blood. The blood those leeches sucked. Being too tired and running from leeches  we finally manged to our palace without doors and lights. Now its time for lunch or dinner whatever it could be called at 5:00PM. Each one takes a task to fill the empty stomachs. Starting with finding wood to cook, vessels available, match sticks, all the vegetables we brought, place to cook etc and two people are still working to find a way out to connect the supply through the temporary connection available there. But low voltage is not giving us any chance. So we decided to put a camp fire. It will in a way help us to keep ourselves warm. Luckily rain god saved this time. We managed both camp fire and cooking food with available resources.



IMG_20160718_210412617Smile stays back, enthusiasm stays back for new challenges. Team is worried. Yes, they are. Not about themselves but with the condition of power on how to finish the work. There strikes the Hybrid system. Batteries come charged by default. Our first thing in the morning is to get the Batteries from down the hill and finish its connections and use the inverter and then continue the work. With that idea everyone is off for sleep. But chilling cold and rain didn’t let anyone sleep peacefully.



Day 2 :  Day started at 6:00AM when the clouds started disappearing and the mountains came to our vision

IMG_20160719_085702         IMG_20160718_151355

we ran to the water stream to freshen up and start back the work. Things went so fat that by end of the day as usual without lunch we could finish Panels installation after we received batteries.

IMG_20160719_135819531          IMG_20160719_142736566

How quick we tried we still lagged behind the time. Hunger is also with us. Finally we decided to stay back that night and finish the work with the help of temporary setup we did using the inverter and batteries we fixed. Phones are charged and torches are on. Food is done and things are all set for final works.

IMG_20160719_213909303We planned to finish in 2hours at 6PM . So we quickly followed what we did the before day. With all the remaining food items we had and the eggs the site supervisor brought us that morning we managed a tasty amazing fresh food. But interesting in that food is the water. Due to the power cut from two days there is no water. So we all carried buckets and all vessels along with us to the stream which is around half kilometer from the site. Took baths and got back with water.

But with the challenges we have made us continue till 1AM. With past 2-3 days happenings everyone slept like hell irrespective of the low temperature. Few even didn’t have proper bed sheets or proper jackets.

IMG_20160718_195642024  IMG_20160719_090225089_HDR

Finally, we finished up things by 9AM in the morning on day 3 including earthing. Whole effort is which mattered a lot.

IMG_20160719_121119662     IMG_20160720_094918411_11     IMG_20160720_094944529_HDR

Now its time for us to move to a different place. Everyone decided to freshen up before leaving. In the other way have some proper fun in that forest in that pure water where the home of leeches is located. So we carried over the salt along with us and started towards the stream where the sound is coming from.

IMG_20160720_100706247    IMG_20160720_101413725_TOP

Whatever it may be never leave Kerala without having Kattam Chai @black tea. That too in a place with lot of tea estates around.



House we stayed in. No doors. We are open to welcome wild to Human.

Kitchen..! 😉 with the best cook’s at that time.

Now its time for another place for the other project. We are targeting to finish today. As I said team have only goals. Half the day is gone here and we are on the way to other site. We are not compromising on site seeing as well. So our vehicle is back in the way we wanted.

IMG_20160720_121752473 Being crazy gets everyone lot of amazing experiences. But these one’s here are even more crazy. Finally after a round of Kerala parathas on the way we reached to our next one. This one is another surprise site for us. Usually when there is no signal it says emergency calls. But here it displays no service. Slippery route to the well. Non-stop drizzle. Rain coats on and tools in hand. Structure is set. Panels are fixed. Now that team started wiring and inside the mains room. By the time they are out its pitch dark. Just the sound of crickets every where.

IMG_20160720_162844583 IMG_20160720_180941891

Time for the motor to go inside the well. Time is 7:45PM. Pitch dark it is.What is the plan? It’s a go for EcoSoch as always. Everyone is interested in only finishing and moving rather than waiting for an other day.

IMG_20160720_194504796 Finally by 9:00PM things got over and everyone decided to get back to Bengaluru for next set of projects to finish. After walk for around 2KM’s managed an auto to Pulinjaal to get a bus to Mananthvaady. But we ended up in the same auto as 10:30PM is too late in such a place for anyone to catch a Bus. Finally Manathvaady at 11:15 PM. In that 20KM travel time we booked a bus for Bengaluru at 11:45PM. Now without any struggle like past three days we got dinner. We got something to eat. We prayed and had the food. Getting food at that hour is great for hungry young people. Finally bus arrived at 12:00AM. We settled down in our seats. IMG_20160720_233739735But one seat is already occupied by someone else. Cleaner the bus himself decides that we are in a wrong bus and should get down in the check post coming. But with our small argument he checked with his office and cleared that booking was done and it was too late and they couldn’t get enough time to convey the same to them. Finally everyone of us started breathing heart fully and sleeping peacefully. We opened our eyes to see Kalasipalya, Bengaluru. The beautiful flower market in KR Market welcomed us back.




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