Why Solar?

One must have heard that solar power can save money on your electricity bills which is true but you might have also heard that it’s costly and not affordable. However this is not true anymore and now is right the time to invest on it. Over the last few years, the cost of solar energy has come down significantly thus making it affordable for everyone. Let our team walk you through how you can invest on a solar power plant and help you in your journey to minimize your electricity bills, increase the value of your property, create revenue from unused roof space and reduce your carbon footprint.

Limited reserves of fossil fuels

Fossil fuels, being limited source of energy, will run out one day and are prone to supply shortage risk. With Solar, the sun always shines; so you never have to worry about the energy flow turning off.

Price volatility

Solar energy is free and it relieves you from the cost volatility and fluctuation of other energy supply restrictions.

Ability to expand anytime

Solar systems are modular and can be scaled up in steps whenever possible, giving you the ability to increase capacity and size of your solar power plant whenever you want.

Environmental Impact/Reduce Emissions

Switching to Solar will minimize the harmful impact of not using fossil fuel based power supplied by the distribution companies. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is your way towards saving the environment from the dangerous effects of global warming.

Independence from unreliable supply

You don’t have to depend on the unreliable supplies that have been making our lives difficult for a long time. Break those shackles and live independently. No black outs and freedom from load shedding.

Cut living expenses

No bill- no rate hikes. By installing Solar, you are ensuring to cut down your living expenses over your lifetime. You will have more disposable income to spend on your family and on yourself.

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