Anti-Theft Breakaway Nut

EcoSoch can provide solutions for customers who are concerned about theft of their solar panels in their area and can secure their investment. One such solution is using shear nuts and bolts which would fasten your solar panels to the structure once & for all. It is almost impossible to remove the shear nut & bolt after fastening as can be seen from the below videos:

ARaymond’s PowAR Snap S Fastening Clip

A Raymond’s PowAR Snap S clips can be fastened to standard strut rails and would clip into place. They cannot be removed easily and it would require specialized tools to remove them. So, we are providing this solution to customers who want an Anti-theft solution but with the flexibility to remove the panels later in case the customer wants to move or expand the roof. Please refer to the below video on the installation process for these fasteners.

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