Module Cleaning


We use a 3 in 1 Solar Panel Cleaning System which has telescopic poles extending upto 4m and would require running (soft) water supply to operate. There is no need to use RO water for cleaning of panels.


With continuous water supply and operating valve, operator will regulate water supply into the cleaning system. Once water supply and appropriate water pressure is determined, operator can start working on cleaning the panels. The solar panel cleaning brush will scrub the panel to remove out dirt and bird droppings accumulated on the panel. Excess dirt will be washed out from panels with continuous water supply.


After removing the excessive dirt from panel, operator will then stop the water supply. With Solar Panel Cleaning Brush & Squeegee, excess water will be wiped from the solar glass panel to give instant dry panel.

During this entire cleaning process, there is no need for the operator to change or modify the equipment which saves time as well. In addition, the cleanliness of the panel can be assessed immediately. When compared with other cleaning systems, it has least after dirt marks on the panel.

Vegetation (if any) also will be cleared helping in enhancing the generation for better efficiency.
Team would be using a concentrate specially made for cleaning solar panels
Tools like glass fiber water-fed cleaning brush, pressurized pumps (Black & Decker model)  are available

Is cleaning really required?

Does cleaning your solar panels help? How about just hosing them down? Do they need a good scrub? Please refer to the below video where these questions are answered and justified with data.

In Jan 202o, we cleaned the panels of Vagdevi School in Bangalore which has a 100kWp system on its rooftop. Below image illustrates the before and after situation of the cleaning procedure.


For one of our customers, we cleaned the panels of a 2kW rooftop system and the results are shown below:

Training on Cleaning

We can also provide training to your personnel on solar panel cleaning along with the equipment. We will also share the panel cleaning guidelines document and Do’s & Don’ts. Below image depicts the panel cleaning training being given to ARK Serene County staff at Whitefield, Bangalore.

Cleaning training being given to ARK Serene County staff at Whitefield, Bangalore
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