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Koramangala, Bangalore

When Renu Kakkar and Vishu Shetty contacted us for installing a solar system for their cute house located in Koramangala we did not expect that it would turn out to be one of the most unique projects in our installation portfolio.

The house used to receive electricity bills of Rs.3,000.00 per month on an average and they wanted a system that can help to reduce the bills. Since the house already had a UPS Backup we suggested an On-Grid System. Click here to know more about On-Grid Systems

The main challenge was to design a panel layout suitable to their rooftop. They had 2 available rooftops for panel installation:

  • Flat RCC Roof which can accommodate 4 solar panels facing south directions
  • Tiled RCC Roof facing North, West and South. Each side could accommodate 1 panel each.

Solar Inverter: Since the panels are different directions, using an On-Grid System with String Inverter was out of the question. The client was also confused on how he could utilise the tiled roof area to maximise his solar rooftop generation. Enphase had just entered the Indian Market with their Micro-Inverter solutions and we suggested the same to our client.

Enphase Micro-Inverters offer the design flexibility of installing solar panels on different directions as each panel is connected to a micro inverter and hence independent of each other for generation.

Panels Facing North, West & South

Remote Monitoring Platform

Mounting Structures: The panels has a warranty of 25 years and the Enphase Micro-Inverters has a warranty of 10 years with a design life of 25 years. In order to ensure that the system lasts for 25 years, special care is put into the installation of solar panels on the Tiled RCC Roof as well the Flat Roof.  Special Clamps were used to install the panels on Tiled Roof.

Tiled Roof Panel Installation

On the Flat RCC Roof our standard Aluminium Structures with Concrete Ballast were used for Solar Panel Installation.

With the panels facing North,West and South, our client is able to maximise the solar generation throughout the year. We have got some interesting data analysis done from this site which we will be uploading in our blog posts soon.

Blog on the Solar Roof-Top Installation by Renu Kakkar

Case-Study by Enphase

Project Details


June, 2017


2.2 kWp




On-Grid System with Micro Inverters

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