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Krishi Polymers | 50% Reduction in Electricity Bills

Solar for MSME

Solar for Commercial and Industries:

MSME are often under pressure to reduce their fixed cost. And electricity bills is one of the biggest contributions to this. In this case study, we will like to discuss one of the recent installations at a leading CPVC pipe and irrigation system manufacturing facility.

About Krishi Polymers:

Krishi Polymers Pvt Ltd was established in 2004 with a vision to make high-cost irrigation equipment – affordable to ordinary farmers in India. The Chairman, Mr. Mahalinga Bhat himself is from an agricultural family. His vision to help the agriculture community translated to the cost of irrigation equipment like Sprinklers to half the cost of established players – thus creating a whole new market. Continuing with the same idea of making the latest in Irrigation technology & equipment available to the common farmer is our Mission.

In 2009, the production of Krishi Hot & Cold range of CPVC pipes & Fittings was commenced and today we have a manufacturing capacity of 1200 MT/annum, with an estimated capacity of 3000 MT per annum by the end of FY 2016-17.

Solar at HO in Bangalore:

The first solar rooftop installation was installed at the head office of Krishi Group in Bangalore. The plant is commissioned with the latest solar technology which is monocrystalline panels with a power optimizer-based technology. Waaree solar modules clubbed with a solar edge inverter and optimizer ensures higher energy yield.

Solar at Krishi Office

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Krishi Group Head Office

Krishi Polymer Plant


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 Key Features of the project:

  • 50% Reduction in electricity Bills.
  • Accelerated Depreciation up to 60%
  • The offset of carbon footprints.
  • Higher returns of investment.
  • Per Panel monitoring with Solar Edge monitoring 
  • High efficient panels from Waaree
  • Latest power optimizer technology by the Solar Edge
  • Sustainable Business growth

Client shares his experience:

Return on Investment

We have used our internal accruals to fund this project, but for academic purposes, I have considered a 100% financed installation at 10% PA interest. I have considered loan tenure of 48 months and zero down payment to make sure that the average monthly savings (plus depreciation benefit) are greater than the EMI, such that the system pays for itself. GST input credit is available to my company so that is 8.9% of the project cost.


Beautifully said in the write up in Investopedia

“Determining whether to install a PV solar system may seem like a daunting task, but it is important to remember that such a system is a long-term investment. In many locations, solar power is a good choice from a financial perspective. Even if the cost of solar power is found to be marginally more expensive than electricity purchased from a utility, homeowners/ industries may wish to install solar power to avoid future potential fluctuations in energy costs, or may simply wish to look beyond their personal financial motivations and use solar for “green” living.”

Arun Bhat S

Director, Krishi Group

C0-Founder, Tesla Club India

Building a Community for the Future

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Mr. Arun Bhat, Director Krishi Group

300+ Rooftop Projects

300+ Rooftop Projects

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4.8/5 Google Rating

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10+ Years Experience in Solar

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