The Central Power Research Institute is an autonomous society under the Ministry of Power, Govt. of India. In their Fan Testing Laboratory, ELECTRIC CEILING FANs are tested as per IS: 374 -1979 specification. This is published by the BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS which is The National Standards Body of India.


Air Delivery Test at CPRI

Here is the result for the SuperFans that EcoSoch sells in Sahakarnagar, Bangalore: Superfan X series CPRI Report. One of the test results that caught my eye is: 6. The Test for Air delivery & service (Clause’10.3) : The minimum air delivery should be 200 m**3 /minute. The actual value is 220.8 m**3 per minute, which is much better than required. The minimum service value should be 4 m**3/minute/watt. Our SuperFans again give a better result of 6.55 m**3/min/watt. I also looked at the temperature rise test, which has a specification of less than 110 deg C. And the actual value is 34 to 37 deg C. Then I looked at 12. The test for fan speed & input (Clause 10.9) This is what I found. a) Speed : 390 rpm b) Input power(W) 33-7 W c) Power Factor 0.99 Overall, when you buy a SuperFan, you know that CPRI has tested it as per the Bureau of Indian Standards specifications and found it satisfactory. That’s very re-assuring.

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