November 2014

Comparing LED’s with other Lights

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It was in year 1800, that first electric light was invented by Humphry Davy. It took next century to make a first commercially available incandescent bulb, a bulb that changed us for ever to nocturnal.  Incandescent’s were soon followed up by Florsecent Lamps, Halogens, HP mercury vapour, Metal halide, High pressure sodium, Low pressure Sodium. [...]

What is a on-grid solar system?

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Electricity generated by a Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) system can be directly consumed by the load itself or can be  stored in a battery bank or can be sent out to the grid. A solar PV system in which the electricity generated can be sent to the grid is called an on-grid system. This type of [...]

July 2014

Good to know: LED Lamps

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Trends: Industry predictions are that human society will move away from incandescent light bulbs to LED lamps in about a decade or two. People like smaller electricity bills. Environmentalists want less energy wastage as heat. Haitz's Law states that "every decade, the cost per lumen (unit of useful light emitted) falls by a factor of 10, and the [...]