It was in year 1800, that first electric light was invented by Humphry Davy. It took next century to make a first commercially available incandescent bulb, a bulb that changed us for ever to nocturnal.  Incandescent’s were soon followed up by Florsecent Lamps, Halogens, HP mercury vapour, Metal halide, High pressure sodium, Low pressure Sodium. The new kid on the block is a LED. There is a marketing Blitz these days over LED’s. We have Philps, Skyska, Wipro, GE and other companies trying to grab the lions share of the market. But what’s in an LED? A light is usually measured in Lumens and in Lux. A Lumen is a measure of total amount of visual light emitted by it’s Source. Avg consumption of power for a light source is different for different types of light. It’s usually measured in Lumens/Watt. It’s here that LED’s shine among all the other lights. Avg Lumen/watt for an LED is many times more than an incandescent bulbs. LED-comarison
One can easily reduce their energy needs by 50% by simply changing over your lights to LED. But what about the Life of an LED? An LED has a life of 30000 to 50000 hours, which comes to around 10 years of life as compared to 3-5 years for an ordinary tube light. What about the cost? The Initial costs of LED’s are higher compared to that of CFL’s and incandescent. But considering more than 50%  savings. RoI for LED’s is much faster. Here is how much a LED saves when for different durations. Saving per year in Rupees Screen-Shot-2014-11-15-at-10.07.15-AM

Assumptions: Cost of LED tube light as Rs 1500 and cost of a 40W Tube Light as Rs 300 . Considering the Commercial Tariff as Rs 7.35  in Bangalore, here are the Savings per year in Rupees when compared to an ordinary tube light.

 Above table illustrates huge savings potential with LED tube lights for a variety of users like hospitals, educational institutes, commercial establishments, factories and individual households. The above costs don’t include the replacement costs for CFLS. Considered that, LED’s have a much faster ROI’s. Let’s hope to bring LED revolution and set a path for sustainability!

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