The Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer (5kVA) is a precision-designed voltage regulation solution that ensures stable and reliable power supply for sensitive electronic equipment. With a capacity of 5kVA (5000VA), it is suitable for various applications, including small to medium-sized commercial establishments, offices, and industrial setups.


Voltage fluctuations are variations in the voltage levels within specified ranges. Voltage fluctuations can occur due to a variety of factors like – load variation, power grid variation. These fluctuations can disrupt the stability of the electrical supply in our homes, affecting the performance of our appliances and electronic devices. It is important to address these voltage fluctuations to ensure a reliable and safe power supply.

The usual voltage range is from 220 to 240 volts. However, the voltage can fluctuate to below 220 volts or above 240 volts even in major cities.

Servo Voltage Stabilizers

The voltage stabilizer’s servo, an electrical motor that is primarily a part of the stabilizer, controls and stabilizes the output voltage regardless of the input voltage fed to it. A servo stabilizer is a stabilization system that is driven by a servo motor and uses a Buck-Boost transformer to boost voltage while capturing input voltage fluctuations and regulating current to the desired output. A control card, dimmer, comparator, transistor, etc. are some of the components that an AC synchronous motor uses to control voltage in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction and manage the output voltage.

internal construction of servo stabilizer


We recommend a single phase voltage stabilizer (such as from Servomax) to residential customers who experience voltage fluctuations. Between the termination point and the solar energy meter, this can be connected to the solar AC side. It will function as a bidirectional device as long as the stabilizer’s kVA is greater than the solar inverter’s kW. Single-phase power applications need servo voltage stabilizers to enhance the quality of life of various appliances


It is recommended to use servo controlled voltage stabilizers (like 5kva) for premises experiencing intermittent voltage fluctuations. It has an input voltage range of 170-270 volts and an output voltage range of 230 volts. The Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer provides precise voltage regulation, voltage fluctuation protection, and efficient operation, making it an excellent choice for supplying stable power to critical electronic devices and equipment. The stabilizer features energy-efficient components and design, minimizing energy losses and reducing overall power consumption.

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